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C&K  Studio

Recording software and hardware:

Apple Mac Pro with Avid Pro tools HD


Lynx Aurora 192 - 16 chanel interface

Crane Song Hedd 192 interface

SSL X-desk 16 tracks summing mixer

Quested S7R active monitors
Mackey HR 824 active monitors

Yamaha HS8

KRK Rokit 6

Variety of plugs and virtual instrument (such as: Waves mercury bundle, UAD OCTO core, NI Komplete 10 ultimate, Vienna Symphonic Library, ableton LIVE,  lite versions of Cubase, Nuendo & Logic and much much more)



Neumann U-87
AKG 414 gold
Neumann KM-184 (pair)

Sennheiser MD 421 (pair)
AKG Solidtube

Shure SM 57

Royer 121

External pre-amps & Outboard:


Focusrite ISA 220
TLA Ivory 5051

Neve 1073 LB Pre-Amp (pair)

Neve 1073LBEQ mono EQ module
Neve 2264ALB mono Lim/Com module

SSL G stereo bus compressor (500)

Neve 33609 stereo bus compressor



Gibson Les-Paul
Fender Telecaster
Acoustic and nylon guitars
Fender blues junior tube amp

Boss Fxs (Tuner, OD, Cmp, Dly, Phsr)



Yamaha P-120 electric piano
Kawai MP-5 stage piano
Korg Microkorg XL
Dave Smith MOPHO keyboard

Dave Smith Prophet 08 keyboard

Waldorf Blofeld keyboard
Notation K-station
Roland JV-1010 module
Access Virus TI desktop
Korg X-50
M-audio Axiom pro controller
Yamaha Motif- 6

Waldorf Rocket

Arturia MicroBrute

Moog Sub Phatty

Ableton Push


Roland percussion pad
Remo Djembe, Frame Drum

Misc percussions (shakers, tambourine etc...)

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